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Carpofoli manor house  features 4 luxurious suites, fully furnished and fully equipped, where you can enjoy modern apartment accomodation and amenities, as well as access to a garden with private pool or large verandas with views, or both, combining booking!

More specifically, our manor house features:

Two luxurious suites on the ground floor (DAPHNE 50 sq.m. and NESPOLA 50 sq.m.), which can accommodate 1-4 persons, each

Carpofoli Corfu Daphne

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Carpofoli Corfu Nespola

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Two luxurious suites on the 1st floor (ALEA 85 sq.m. and ATHINA 85 sq.m.), which can accommodate 1-6 persons, each

Carpofoli Corfu Alea

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Carpofoli Corfu Athina

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Layout – Equipment  – Furniture

Each suite is a private apartment featuring its private exterior and interior entrance. All suites are spacious, bright, well-decorated and fully equipped with furniture & household appliances to provide you with all the modern conveniences and amenities, and make you feel at home, in a discreet luxury setting.

Beds have branded mattresses & mattresses pads, dressed with cotton bedding to guarantee a restful sleep and a lighter morning mood. Sofa beds (1-2 persons capacity) available in each suite, are also comfortable enough.

Access to a garden featuring a private pool, or access to a large terrace with views, or access to both.

The two ground floor luxury suites have access to a private pool, each. While the two luxurious 1st floor suites have access to a private terrace, each. 1st floor guests can also have access to the garden and the pool if they book 2 suites of each floor (1st floor suite and a ground floor suite) – booking, which would be ideal for a large family or a large group of 6-10 people.

External adjustments can be done to integrate ground floor suites or 1st floor suites when needed.

Garden on the ground floor can be integrated if a large family or large group of 4-8 persons is to be accommodated at the DAPHNE + NESPOLA suites. Terraces of the 1st floor can also be integrated  if 8-12 persons of a large group or large family are to be accommodated at the ALEA + ATHINA suites.

Use of the attica spaces on the suites of the 1st floor

Kitchens – dining rooms of the 1st floor (Alea + Athina) suites, set under a wooden attic, which has access to the terraces, can also be used either as an auxiliary bedroom to accomodate to more persons on a large sofa bed, or as a TV room (42-inch screens).

To enjoy your holiday stay in luxury suites in Corfu, choose the suite or suites that best suit your needs, depending on the number or persons you are travelig with! For family holiday, holiday with your partern, or group holiday in Corfu, Carpofoli manor house is bound to make your stay a unique experience!