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We’ve listed for you some of our favourites beaches of Corfu island. All of them can be accessed either by foot or with a rental boat. If you want to explore the most that Corfu has to offer, then renting a boat can be an indelible experience!

Porto Timoni

Magnificent sunset on Cape Porto Timoni.

For those who love a stroll through the dense path that starts from the traditional village of AFIONAS, descending on one side you view all the shades of blue sea and sky that make up a unique landscape, and while leaving behind the spectacular view of the St. George beach, one reaches at the end of the route to the cape, where they can choose to cool off either on one sandy beach or on the other beach with pebbles.

Cape Drastis

Cape Drastis in northern Corfu.

A landscape that could have been drawn from a sculpture exhibit, as rock islands surrounded by sand emerge through the turquoise waters. Small sandy beaches are scattered around where one can enjoy swimming, canoeing, or renting a boat from the canal d’amour area.


A white pebbles beach.

Known for its green waters, featuring lots of wooden piers where visitors’ boats can anchor. The area around the beach is famous for its restaurants, which serve unique seafood. Of similar importance is the beach of Agios Stefanos in Kassiopi, ideal for a meal under the shade of the eucalyptus on the sea.


Dreamy beach of Longa in Peroulades.

A narrow sandy beach under a steep slope, famous for its romantic sunrise and its crystal clear waters.


Paleokastritsa located in the northwestern Corfu.
This beach is famous for the monastery of the Holly Mother built on a steep rock. The view from the monastery is breathtaking. Amazing beaches are situated around, where one can swim in their cool blue waters, expore the blue caves of BLUE CAVES, admire the rock of Aggelokastro, explore the seabed while diving, or while boating with glass bottom boats.


In the South for water lovers and those who love sand sports.

Taking a stroll along the beach, while admiring the shells washed up on the beach, one can see the unique beauty of the cedar forest, the natura protected area that reaches the beach of ISSOS BEACH, with its turquoise transparent waters and its wide sandy beach.


Cavobianco or Cape Cavobianco beach.

Is located in South Corfu in the Arcudilla area, and is an ideal destination for anyone seeking to sunbathe in lonely places where nature is surrounded by the Ionian waters, where slopes are filled with aromatic botans, such as thyme, sage and rosemary, and where caretta caretta turtle chooses to lay its eggs!


Beneath the palace, passing through the city walls.

The small beach of Faliraki offers its waters for a quick dip and a cool juice or a snack after a visit to the old town.

IOK – Corfu sailing club

A small beach next to IOK – Corfu sailing club.

It is located in the Old Fortress of Corfu and is suitable for taking a swim under the castle walls, in the shade of the trees next to sailing boats.